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Quality Service with a Floor Solution that Cannot Be Beat

As a 34-year veteran of the manufacturing world, I became acquainted with a great deal of products and services for treating concrete floors. All were coatings of epoxy, urethane, or paint, which always scratched, cracked, flaked, or separated badly and needed routine re-coating which is costly.

I discovered concrete floor polishing which, at the time, was relatively new and I realized that this was the future for all professional looking floors: an eco-friendly, minimal maintenance floor with the look and feel of marble. I also found that this style of flooring could be used in a variety of applications-industrial, retail, religious, educational, and residential. So, Carolina Concrete Floor Polishing which is located in Spartanburg, SC, was born. We provide quality service with a floor solution that cannot be beat. My company and I are in our 16th year, and we are always dedicated to only concrete floor polishing.

Leonard Hartford
CCFP President